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Our attorneys handle cases related to many aspects of immigration law. Below you find will more information on specific types of cases we handle.

Immigration lawyer St. Louis


How Asylum can protect you when you are in the U.S. and afraid to return home. We can help you meet the requirements to win an Asylum approval.
deportation defense

Deportation Defense

Have you been issued a Notice to Appear and given a court date to see a judge in immigration court? We represent people in all types of deportation defense, including asylum, cancellation of removal, appeals, and federal litigation.
Residencia permanente por la familia

Family Based Green Card

If you have a green card or are a United States citizen, you are able to sponsor certain relatives for a family green card.
Fiance visa

Fiancé Visa

Engaged to someone who lives abroad? If you're a U.S. citizen, you may be able to request a fiance visa so he or she can join join you in the U.S.

H1B Visa

Workers who have an offer of employment by a U.S. employer and who work in a speciality occupation may be eligible to apply for an H1B visa.
immigration waivers

Immigration Waivers

If you have certain criminal convictions or immigration history, or if you were ever on a J-1 visa that has a two-year home residency requirement, and you are now applying for a green card or other admission to the United States, you may need a waiver.
tarjeta verde por el matrimonio

Marriage Green Card

Apply for a green card through marriage, whether you're in the United States or abroad.
O-1 visa

O-1 Visa: Extraordinary Ability

The O-1 visa is for someone who demonstrates extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, athletics, motion picture or television.
P1 visa

P1 Visa: Athletes and Entertainers

Internationally recognized athletes and entertainers may be eligible to come to the United States to compete or perform.
church service religious worker

Religious Workers in the U.S.A.

Freedom of speech and religion are hallmarks of American society. U.S. immigration law supports these beliefs by allowing religious workers to come to the U.S.
T visa

T Visa: Trafficking Victims

Individuals present in the U.S. and have been the victim of forced labor or commercial sex acts may be eligible for a T visa.
TN visa

TN Visa

If you are a citizen of Mexico or Canada and have a job offer in a NAFTA approved profession, you may be eligible for a TN visa. Find out more.
visa u

U Visa: Crime Victim Visas

A U visa is available to victims of certain crimes who assisted law enforcement in its investigation.

U.S. Citizenship

The journey to U.S. citizenship begins today. Talk to us about getting started on your application for your Naturalization Certificate.

VAWA: Abused Spouses, Parents and Children

VAWA is immigration relief available to certain spouses, parents, and children who have been the victim of abuse at the hands of their U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident relative.

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