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Immigration Waivers

immigration waivers

Immigration Waivers

Immigration Waivers

There are many circumstances where people need immigration waivers.  If you entered the United States without permission and then married a United States citizen and would like to apply for a green card, you will likely need a waiver of inadmissibility for your unlawful entry.  Many people with criminal backgrounds also need waivers.  People who are subject to the two-year foreign residency requirement because they have held a J-1 visa may sometimes request a waiver of the residency requirement.  What forms to complete, what you must prove, and where you must file your waiver depends on your particular set of circumstances.

I-601A Immigration Waiver

If you are the spouse, son or daughter of a U.S. citizen and you are applying for a green card, you may be eligible to receive an I-601A waiver.  If you are only inadmissible because of your unlawful presence in the United States and can prove extreme hardship to your relative if you were not allowed to stay in the U.S., then this waiver is for you.

I-601 Immigration Waiver

If you need a waiver and do not qualify for a 601A, then you will likely need an I-601 waiver.  You can file an I-601 to waive inadmissibility grounds such as a crime involving moral turpitude and being in the U.S. without permission. This application can be filed from either within the U.S. or outside the U.S. depending on your particular circumstances.

J-1 Immigration Waiver

If you were previously on a J-1 visa, and now you’d like to apply for a green card or change your status to a certain category, you may either need to return to your home country for two years or receive a waiver.  There are four different types of ways you can apply to waive the two year home residency requirement.

I-212 Immigration Waiver

This waiver is for those who have been previously removed, deported, or excluded.  There are no set of requirements that you must prove to win an I-212.  It is up to the immigration officer to weigh the positive and negative factors in your case and decide whether or not they will grant your request.  An I-212 can be filed both from inside and outside the United States.

Non-Immigrant Waiver

This waiver is for someone who wishes to visit the U.S. for a temporary purpose such as a visitor visa, student visa, or employment visa but has been found inadmissible or ineligible to enter the U.S.  A non-immigrant waiver permits a U.S. consulate to issue the temporary or non-immigrant visa despite the applicant’s prior immigration violations. It is sometimes referred to as a “212(d)(3)” waiver after the section of immigration law in which it is found.


Hay muchas circunstancias cuando una persona necesita un perdón de inadmisibilidad.  Si entró Estados Unidos sin permiso y despué se casó con un ciudadano estadounidense y quisiera solicitar una green card, es probable que necesite un perdón de inadmisibilidad para su entrada ilegal.  Mucha gente con antecedentes criminales también necesitan perdones.  Personas sujetas al requisito de vivir dos años en el extranjero porque han tenido una visa J-1 también, bajo ciertas circunstancias, puede pedir un perdón del requisito.  Y así sigue la lista.

Cuáles formularios completar, qué tiene que comprobar, y dónde debe entregar su perdón depende en su situación en particular.

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